Voxello provides communication solutions for hospitalized patients. 

Voxello provides solutions for hospitalized patients who cannot communicate by traditional means.  This affects 3.9 million patients in US hospitals each year and adversely impacts healthcare costs on the order of three billion dollars each year in preventable adverse events.  Voxello aims at reducing these complications, lowering healthcare costs, and improving patient satisfaction.  Voxello is about better outcomes.

Introducing the noddle™

Control it all with just a touch 

noddle™ lets patients with limited motor capabilities the ability to control up to 3 different devices with just a single touch.  With just a tongue click a patient can simultaneously call a nurse and communicate with a speech generating device.  And the touch sensor takes zero force to activate so it is accessible to nearly anyone who can move any part of their body.


Or the click of a tongue

For patients who are so limited in their capabilities that pressing a button isn't an option, we have a solution. The noddle™ uses patent-pending technology to detect tongue clicks for switching - even in a noisy hospital environment.

Built for the hospital environment

noddle™ is designed for the hospital environment and provides simple mounting to IV-poles.  The noddle™ mic and noddle™ touch sensors have built-in mounting for cervical collars and ventilator-lines.  The noddle's™ design also allows it to interface directly with existing nurse call infrastructure.

Wired and wireless capabilities

noddle™ can interface with other devices through Bluetooth™ wireless connectivity. Noddle is natively compatible with iOS Switch Control and many AAC apps.  But wireless isn't everything - most nurse call systems use a wired connection, and the noddle™ lets hospitals interface directly out of the box.